Film festival rules – What not to do at film festivals!

Do you know your film festival rules and regulations? Film festivals dos and don’t s?

Well, when you jet off to that foreign film festival it’s easy to get carried away with the glamour and excitement of it all. There’s the wild parties, the hotel junkets, the beach photo-shoots and the booze. The innocent and naive first timer may make some crucial mistakes and tarnish their reputation for years.

Here’s just a few tips on what not to do at film festivals:

  1. Jump on stage naked and run about during any presentations
  2. Grab the mike from the speaker and start singing
  3. Get so drunk you don’t know whether you’re a man or a woman.
  4. If bearded, get so drunk you try to pull your beard off thinking it’s make-up
  5. If clean shaven or a woman, get so drunk that you get violent thinking someone has shaven your beard off.
  6. Fall off the yacht in a drunken haze never to be seen again. Well, at least they might make an interesting documentary about you.
  7. Fall of the yacht between another yacht and get squashed..oooh
  8. Go up to Robert De`Niro and say ’Yeah I’m talking to you, m**********r!’
  9. Go up to Joe Pesci and say ‘do I amuse you. Am I here to amuse you? Now go get your f*****g shine box!”
  10. Give a ten minute speech and start crying and blabbing like a baby..
  11. Start a fight with another director who is better and won more than you.
  12. When you lose in the competition shout ,“It doesn’t matter. One day I’m going to be bigger than Spielberg”…Er, no. you’re not.

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