Film terms: E

Eastman colour
Negative/positive film stock manufactured by Kodak.

Extreme close-up

Edge numbers
Code numbers printed onto the edge of original camera celluloid film.

Edit decision list. A list of sound and picture edits defined as Keycode or Timecode numbers. The EDL is needed for moving footage between edit systems.

Individual sound used to bring atmosphere, depth, reality to soundtrack.

Effects track
This track is made up of sound effects that aren’t music or dialogue.

Egg crate
A metal box with a grid-like series of partitions, placed on the front of a soft light to focus the light and reduce spilling illumination.

Reversal film made by Kodak.

Emotional memory
An actor’s learned ability to experience systematically the emotions of a character.

Emotional transition
A change from one emotional state to another during a shot or scene.

Suspended silver bromide or silver chloride particles in gelatine which acts as a light sensitive coating for film.

Electronic news gathering. Usually the videotape shooting of news and current events with lighter digital cameras.

End board
Sometimes it’s impossible to get a slate in at the beginning of a shot, possibly due to effects work or a when a quick take is needed to capture an actor’s state of readiness. A board (slate) would be used at the end of the take before cutting. The camera assistant will put it into frame upside down so that an editor will recognise it as an end board. It’s easy to forget the board and cut before it gets in there.

Old fashioned now but often used in T.V. dramas from the seventies and early eighties signalling a tying up of plot threads and resolution/happy ending. Ahhh.

Matching sound tracks to one another using filtration to eradicate anomalies. Nothing to do with Star Trek.

Establishing shot
A shot used to set-up (usually at the beginning of a sequence) the scene were watching. Allows an audience to take in the change of environment, circumstances etc.

The amount of light that is allowed to reach a single film frame during the take.

What the f**k?!

German expressionism
Crazy German film-making, Nosferatu, pointy teeth, that’s all i’m gonna say about that.

The art of fluffing up scripts with pointless dialogue where characters explain to each other what the hell is going on in a really obvious way.

We have to go through this door because my mom is coming to kick my ass.
You live with your mom don’t you? I remember you saying how you stole her crack!
Damn straight! That’s why we have to go through this door, like, now man, cos I stole her crack!
Dave, you’re a dumbass-this door?
Haha, yes please Cody.….Hey!

Good exposition is so well written into the action you won’t know when someone is expositionin’ your ass!

Exterior. In a script this denotes an outside shot.

Extreme long shot / ELS
A long walk for the actor.

Eye light
This is a small light mounted on the camera to bring out dark eyes.

The sight path of a character.