Film terms: G

The chief electrician.

Gaffer tape
2” cloth backed tape. Handy. Gaffer tape is as important to the crew as the whip is to Indiana Jones. The most commonly heard phrase on set is “lets gaffer it”. Don’t put it across actor’s mouths they don’t like it.

Degree of contrast in an image.

The part within a film camera or projector where the film is exposed to light. With film cameras, the “gate” is checked regularly to ensure there is no “hair in the gate” meaning dirt or dust fragments which would have scratched the exposed film in the last take. “Check the gate”.

Noisy fuel guzzling electricity monster for making coffe when you are in the middle of a forest or mountain range. The DP may want to run lights off it too. Dirty bird.

A type of film such as horror, thriller, comedy, drama, period drama.

Golden hour
Same as the magic hour. The short perios after sunset and before sunrise where the light is all soft and golden.

Gobo arm
The arm of a C-stand.

The process of adjusting the colour properties and light quality of shot footage in order to produce shots that match each other or particular looks.

Gray scale
A test card showing a sequence of bars starting from white followed by darkening shades of grey leading to complete black.

Green light, green lit
A film that is ready to go into production gets the green light, it’s ready to go. DO IT.. DO IT…DO IT.

Technical crew responsible for operating and moving camera mounts such as dollies, cranes etc.

Q: How many grips does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Three. One to hold it, one to hammer it in and one to say, “f**k it, get a spark”.

Gun mike
Not as exciting as it sounds. Highly directional microphone…for shooting people… James Bond style. Yeah!