Film terms: H

The gas used in tungsten-halogen bulbs.

Hard light/lighting
A lighting style that casts highly defined shadows and lines. Don’t mess with it, it’ll duff you up.!

Hard source
A lamp that produces hard light.

The amount of space above a subject in the frame.

The measurement of a regularly recurring signal.

High boy
A heavy duty wind up stand on wheels. Bring a friend.

High concept
A big idea for a movie, usually summed up in one line, i.e. ‘Monkeys in Space!’ or ‘Zombie, midget pirates from Atlantis!’

High contrast
Very bright and very dark areas in the same image.

High key
Bright lighting scheme with minimal dramatic shadowing. Comedies are shot with high key schemes.

High light
The brightest part of an exposed image.

A low base on which to mount the camera

Discharge lamps that are balanced for daylight at 5600 Kelvin.

Honey wagon
Mobile toilet. That’s on set by the way; you don’t have to drive it around whilst doing your business.

House lights
Already existing practical lights or mains circuit in a theatre, studio or a location. Example: the wiring in a domestic house before it’s blown by the crew. Note to self: never let film crew in own home.