Film terms: L

Luminaire, light, lighting source, Fresnel. A lighting unit.

This is the exposure range from brightest to darkest that an imaging medium can cope with.

Lavalier mike
A microphone positioned around the neck or chest.

Lecter, Hannibal
Soft-spoken cannibal and amateur chef.

Lots of glass and optics in a tube-like housing. Stick on the front of a camera. Don’t drop ‘em.

Lens speed
A lens is ‘fast’ if it has a low f-stop. This means it will allow in more light allowing you to shoot in darker conditions.

Sound levels when shooting. The sound recordist will often want to get levels by having the actors run their lines a few times.

General term referring to the art of cinematography.

Lighting ratio
The range of exposure within a scene or shot from the lightest to the darkest areas. The ratio of key light to fill light.

Artificial dampening of sound recording to keep within certain ranges and avoid distorting crackle.

Lip sync
Re-recording sound to match actor’s mouths. An artist performing live will sometimes lip sync to their own backing track. Outrageous.

Locked off/Locking off
During a static shot the camera can be fixed in position so it won’t move. A bit lazy innit? If you absolutely know nothing is going to happen then ok but if there’s a chance of movement, the operator should always be ready to follow the action. Beginners often make the mistake of locking off the camera during a shot.

Refers to a loose framing style meaning generous space around the subject(s)

Lord of the Rings
Just a lot of beards and midgets.

Love interest
A character who acts as a major motivator for another character within the story. Example: Boy meets girl or girl meets boy or boy meets boy or boy meets alien/sheep/bot or boy meets his end and is eaten by pigs. Then they can’t find his body…omg, that’s so sad…I was beginning to like that kid.

Low angle
A shot looking up at the subject.

Low boy
A short stand.

Low contrast
A lighting style that doesn’t have a great difference in range between the light and dark areas of the image.

Low key
A lighting style that has lots of shadows and bright high-lights. Dramatic.

Long shot

Measure of ‘luminous flux.’

Metric unit of light. A standard unit lighting intensity