Film terms: O

Named after Merle Oberon, a light for eye light mounted on the camera.

Omniscient point of view
An audience or reader will know everything that’s going on within the story.

Offline edit
Manual video editing. Filmmakers would ‘offline’ their edit which meant doing most of the work on a cheaper edit system before going to an online system of higher quality and higher price for a much shorter amount of time.

A material that doesn’t transmit any light through it.

Open face
A light fixture with no lens.

Optical/optical effects
Effects such as fades and wipes created using an optical printer during film processing.

The writer enters into an agreement with a second party, such as a production company, to loan them the rights to a screenplay for a set period of time i.e. one year. During this time the company have the right to make a film based on this script. After a year the right ends unless they all agree to renew.

Optical track
A soundtrack photographically recorded.


Over the shoulder.