Film terms: P-Q

A general term to describe the left or right movement mainly of the camera but also when positioning lights and other equipment.

A new company formed by the merger between ‘A.F.M’ and Panavision owned ‘Lee Lighting’.

A sealed beam light containing a parabolic reflector with a colour temperature that is close to photographic daylight.

A pitch is a focused, summarised, verbal version of your film in one or two paragraphs deliverd with eloquence, passion and a belief that this film will be the best thing since sliced bread. Try to avoid sweaty, gulping desperation when delivering yours.

Here’s an example:

“Seven genetically-mutated Orang-utang, (that’s “old men of the forest” to the less anthropologically endowed amongst us), make up the galaxy’s top elite squad of soldiers. (Think Dirty half-dozen, Magnificent seven etc.) They go around solving crimes, battling evil, helping little old ladies, saving planets etc.
The Seven all have different skills and abilities:

  1. The leader, he’s called Chris, he’s bald, wears black, good at counting,.
  2. An explosives expert, comes with hard hat, toothy grin.
  3. A computer geek,
  4. One is a language expert, good listener, that sort of thing.
  5. Another one can drive any vehicle in the universe,
  6. One does karate, good with a knife, (..he also cooks!)
  7. and finally, the last one is a charmer, very good with the ladies.

It’s called “Simian Fist! “ This is what the public want, I truly believe that. Yeah, monkeys in space! Oh, they did that already? Alright then i have this other idea, it’s about a serial killer… don’t have to call security……please, I have a weak heart!”
The sequence of events within a story taking you from start to finish whilst building momentum along the way.

A filter that blocks light form certain angles, eliminating glare.

Camera as the eyes of a character, communicating a subjective position.

Lights that appear in the scene. Example: table and bedside lamps are practicals.

Principle photography
The period when the majority of the film’s shooting takes place. Refers also to the main body of shooting.

The main character in a script or story.

Pull focus
Changing the focus during a shot. Usually done whilst following a subject getting nearer or further away from the camera.

Quartz lights
Quartz glass made to resist the high temperatures.