Film terms: T

A single attempt at a shot. If something goes wrong then the director will go for another ‘take’. Marked on the clapperboard as take 1, take 2, take 3 etc.

Device for transferring film to video.

Telephoto lens
A long lens. Has an effect of compressing distances between background and foreground within the shot.

Three act structure
Traditional story structure including a beginning, middle and an end!

Three shot
A shot with three people in it.

Tie in
Obtaining power by temporarily ‘hooking’ into an established power supply.

Makers of filters.

Up and down movement of the camera on the vertical axis.

Time code
An series of numbers generated electronically identifying every frame of footage.

Timebase correction
Stabilisation of the video image for broadcast.

The exposure control of a film print during processing.

Top light
Light coming directly from above, or thereabouts, onto the subject.

To move the camera around usually on a dolly which is on a ‘track’ creating a smooth, variable speed, moving shot.

A type of diffusion coming in different thickness, think tracing paper.

Track laying
Building up the sound track layers.

Tracking shot
A shot taken with the camera mounted on the dolly or from a moving vehicle.

A cut sequence of shots showing the attractiveness and ‘wonderbility’ of your new film. Usually all the best bits are in the trailer…see most comedy films for proof. of this.

Movement from one shot or scene to another.

The screenplay in short story form, in preset tense and describing what an audience would see and hear.

A three legged stand for mounting the camera. Various ‘heads’ are attached to the tripod which allow panning and tilting movements. Tripods are also known as “legs” or “sticks”.

The actual amount of light transmitted through a particular lens as opposed to the mathematical equation which determines a general amount, Known as the F-stop. T-stop numbers are 1,1.4, 2, 2.8, 4,5.6,8,11,16,22,32,45,64.

Shorthand for 3200 degrees Kelvin. An incandescent lamp with a tungsten filament like a domestic bulb. The filament in a light bulb is made from Tungsten metal.

Two shot
A shot with two people.