Film terms: U-V

Frequency at the bluer end of the spectrum.

Under crank
In camera film effect. Running the camera slowly during recording so that when its eventually projected it will seem speeded up, fast motion. Often used in old comedies.

Taking the exposure down from what should be a normal level. Allowing less light to reach the film or video chip.

An actor who has studied a role in order to stand in when another actor is taken ill, high on drugs, dead drunk or busy with a lady.

The film production’s collective personnel

Video assist
The image into the camera viewfinder is split and part of it is sent to a video camera, a video tap. This allows the director to watch the action from a distance…without moving his/her fat ass.
Video monitor – monitor to view the video tap.

Video tap
See video assist.

Optical display attached to the camera allowing the operator to view the action often through different frame lines which are marked on the viewfinders eyeglass.

Fluid head makers.

Very Long Shot.

voice over picture. For example, a character narrating some action on the screen. They can be either present in the shot or not. Often combined with a flashback or a story told in the past.

On street interviews (from the latin vox –voice, populous – of the people).

video tape “run VT”.