Film terms: XYZ

Bright, gas-discharge lamp that has an intense beam and daylight colour temperature (5600K).

Extra long shot.

Wise and powerful alien midget with a speech impediment, (I didn’t have much else for “y”).

Yogic flying-cam
Filmmaking technique originating in bollywood involving ‘bounce’ levitation using yoga techniques.

Professional motion picture lenses. Zeiss make both ultra, master and digiprime lenses as well as a range of zoom lenses for both 35mm and Hi-Def shooting.

Zip light
A small, 1 or 2K soft Light.

Zoom in
A fast change of focal length from long shot to a closer shot.

Zoom lens
A lens with a variable focal length from near to far. A zoom lens with a range from 10-100mm would be known as a 10:1 zoom.

Zoom out
A change of focal length with a zoom lens going from a close shot out to a longer shot. See crash zoom.

Zoom ratio
10:1, 20:1 see zoom lens.